#1: Congresswoman Lauren Underwood serves Illinois’ 14th Congressional District and was sworn into..

#1: Congresswoman Lauren Underwood serves Illinois’ 14th Congressional District and was sworn into the 116th U.S. Congress on January 3, 2019.  She helped implement the Affordable Care Act which helped patients obtain high quality, cost-effective healthcare.  This has been an excellent movement for healthcare as now patients can get better quality of care.  She also helped on public health emergencies and disasters like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In addition to her public health work, Underwood also served as an instructor at Georgetown University School to teach advanced practice nursing. By her being an instructor it helped other nurses finish their careers and inspired other nurses.  With more educated nurses, the nursing workforce has more nurses to take care of patients decreasing the nursing shortage.  Lauren Underwood has help patients with care and value, has inspire and help nurses and remains in congress working for a better healthcare.
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#2: Eileen Cody is the 34th Legislative District Representative; from Iowa, she graduated high school and went on to graduate with an associate’s degree in nursing from College of St. Mary and a Bachelor’s of Science from Creighton University (Biography, 2019). She worked as a neuro rehab nurse specializing in rehabilitation and multiple sclerosis care; previously employed by Kaiser Permanente, Eileen Cody is also a founding member of District 1199 NW/SEIU Hospital and Health Care Employees Union (Biography, 2019). Her goal while in office was to achieve affordable health care for residents of Washington State. Her goal has been to improve patient safety, improve mental health parity, and to help restore universal purchase of vaccinations through being chair of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee (Biography, 2019). Eileen Cody also played a role in the passing of the Affordable Care Act for Washington State (Biography, 2019). She has had a positive impression on the health care system, not only through her work as a nurse but also her work in the Washington State Legislature.

Biography. (n.d.). Eileen Cody 34th Legislative District. Retrieved from https://housedemocrats.wa.gov/cody/
#3: Lois n 1998. She worked as head nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital and as head elementary school nurse for the Santa Barbara school system. She is one of three nurses now in Congress and sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which collaborated on a sweeping health care reform bill. Capps supports the public health insurance option ultimately incorporated into the House health care reform bill. She stated it would “provide true competition to private insurance” and “ensure all Americans always have a choice among coverage options.” She also co-sponsored two health care bills, Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Investment Act of 2009 and School Based Health Clinic Establishment Act of 2009. Lois Capps had the support because she was a nurse and as nurses we are patient advocates. Everyone believed that she brought the patient perspective to the policy arena. She also, was co-chair for the House Nursing Caucus, this supported and illuminated issues that impacted nurses and patient care. She stated “As a public health nurse, I am particularly proud that the underlying theme of our framework for health reform is shifting the focus from an illness-based system to a wellness-based system,” She also said,  “We will accomplish this through better access for all our citizens, better incentives for health providers and a standard of care that emphasizes the importance of prevention. Critical to that effort will be making significant investments in health workforce professionals, including nurses.”(Lois Capps, Nurse and Legislator, Gets Dose of Health Pro Funds, 2009).
Lois Capps, Nurse and Legislator, Gets Dose of Health Pro Funds. (2009, July 7). Retrieved from https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2009/07/lois-capps-nurse-and-legislator/
#4: Former legislator in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mary Ann Dailey, has co-sponsored legislation to help the profession of nursing. She was involved with a bill allowing prescriptive privileges for nurse practitioners in Pennsylvania, a bill that gives whistleblower protection to health care professionals that speak up against unsafe care delivery, and bill that affects the usage and education of unlicensed assistive personnel.  She has brought attention to the nursing shortage. She promoted nursing involvement in legislation and politics and advocated for nurses to join state and national associations. She said, “The legislature makes many laws that govern the actual day-to-day duties of a nurse, and those laws may affect nursing care in a negative manner” and “Nurses are in the unique position of representing the interests of their fellow nurses and the health care needs of the general public” (Larson, 2016).
Dailey and other nurse legislators have agreed that nurses are in a good position to be effective legislators because they are compassionate, good listeners, work well within a team, and know how to make difficult decisions. They urge nurses to pay attention to issues surrounding health care and nursing. They suggest getting involved with politics; “whether that means running for office, contacting their representatives with concerns, voting regularly, or volunteering for others who are in office” (Larson, 2016).
Larson, J. (2016). Nurse Legislators: Representing Health Care in State Government. Nurse Zone . https://www.americanmobile.com/nursezone/nursing-news/nurse-legislators-representing-health-care-in-state-government/
#5: This is an optional post but will count as a substantive post for this week’s discussion.
Describe a policy related issue that is currently in debate within the nursing profession
#6: This is an optional discussion for this week but will be counted towards this week’s discussion.
Many experts say that nurses need to play a key role in accountable care organizations (ACOs). ACOs were introduced in January, 2012 as a component of the Affordable Care Act. Identify the role(s) that nurses will play in these organizations

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#1: Congresswoman Lauren Underwood serves Illinois’ 14th Congressional District and was sworn into..
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