10 Signs That You are a Nurse

  • October 13, 2020/

Signs That You are a Nurse.Nurses can really be one of those professions you get to be a little bit out of the norms. You tend to see the world in a different perspective and act as if you are a whole new person. So get those pens and papers and check if you are indeed one of the angels of the sick room.

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11. You have OCD.

22. Fast-Drip Eating.

You can eat and chew your food as fast as lighting. Since there’s no time for chit-chats, especially on a toxic shift, you have to finish eating within 15-20 minutes most of the time.

33. You believe white is fashion.

You seldom go to the mall or seeing a friend with a new outfit, it is usually that white clinical uniform you get to wear in work.

55. You panic more than an average person.

77. You find gross topics are fascinating.

“Yes, tell me more about that guy who lacerated his arm and almost poked his eye with an ice pick.”

Normal people usually talks about this stuff not in front of the food since it is also for etiquette, but nurses do these freely, get stoked and even make fun of it. It’s like watching a good movie, the grosser it is the more interesting it gets.

88. You’re a master of thy bladder.

1010. You paint the town red.

Nope. Not referring to period period.

The color of red starts to be your favorite color, because you get to see it once in while during your shift. It doesn’t even bother you much if you get to see a pail full of it. It’s like painting the whole room with its different shades. Just be careful not to get that red stuff on you – always.

Now check your checklist and tally how many you’ve got! Tell us your score at the comments section!