Test Prep

Are the practice questions at the end of the chapters in Starting out with Visual Basic 2010 5th edition a good representation of the questions in the Test Bank?

Product Tree 1 answer below »

Product A is and end item and is made from 2 units of B and four of C. B is made of 3 units of D and two of E. C is made of two units of F and two of E. A has a
lead time of 1 week. B,c, and E have lead times of two weeks, and D and F have lead times of 3 weeks. a. show the Bill of Materials (product structure tree) b. if
100 units of A are required in week 10, develope MRP planning schedule, specifying when items are to be ordered and received. There are currently no units of
inventory on hand.

Barbara’s world of windows, fabrics, and accessories- Home consultant division

After reading the Concluding Case entitled “Barbara’s World of Windows, Fabrics, and Accessories” , what are the major problem issues facing Sandy, and what
specific recommendations would you make to deal with those issues?

Operations Management 1 answer below »

Residents of Mill River have fond memories of ice skating at a local park. An artist has captured the experience in a drawing and is hoping to reproduce it and
sell framed copies to current and former residents. He thinks that if the market is good he can sell 400 copies of the elegant version at $125 each. If the
market is not good, he will sell only 300 at $90 each. He can make a deluxe version of the same drawing instead. He feels that if the market is good he can
sell 500 copies of the deluxe version at $100 each. If the market is not good, he will sell only 400 copies at $70 each. In either case, production costs will
be approximately $35,000. He can also choose to do nothing, if he believes there is a 50% probability of a good market, what should he do and why?

Competitive advantage

Select a company that you believe uses employees to achieve a competitive advantage. Discuss how the employees effectively execute the strategy and how the company
can sustain this position over time.

Leadership: APA formatting

Students will choose leader/s for the purpose of completing the applied project, which will be completed in two separate components (Mid Term and Final)-see
syllabus, each of which will be evaluated separately. The primary objective of the individual-applied project is to apply chapter concepts from the text and from
other resources such as academic journals to analyze your chosen leader/s. Each project part should be written in a minimum of 5-7 pages excluding a cover page and
reference page.

management and leadership 1 answer below »

Suppose you realize one day that you are dissatisfied with your job. What might you do to improve your situation? What are the basic differences between management
and leadership?


True or False: Good faith bargaining requires the parties to come to an agreement about both mandatory and permissive items.

Unconscionability, UCC concept.

Unconscionability is an import UCC concept. What is it and how does it help the consumer? Illustrate your answer with examples.

Question 1.1

What is the value of marketing to the consumer, the stakeholder and stockholder and a. the value of your place on marketing b. the value of marketing to customers
and consumers c. the value of marketing to stakeholders and stockholders