Month: August 2021

Test Prep

Are the practice questions at the end of the chapters in Starting out with Visual Basic 2010 5th edition a good representation of the questions in the Test Bank?

Leadership: APA formatting

Students will choose leader/s for the purpose of completing the applied project, which will be completed in two separate components (Mid Term and Final)-see syllabus, each of which will be evaluated separately. The primary objective of the individual-applied project is to apply chapter concepts from the text and from other resources such as academic journals […]


True or False: Good faith bargaining requires the parties to come to an agreement about both mandatory and permissive items.

Question 1.1

What is the value of marketing to the consumer, the stakeholder and stockholder and a. the value of your place on marketing b. the value of marketing to customers and consumers c. the value of marketing to stakeholders and stockholders