APPLICATION of Strategic Plan You have identified the economic , social , technologic , political… 1 answer below »

APPLICATION of Strategic Plan You have identified the economic, social, technologic, politicaland competitive changes impacting your healthcare facility. Now it becomes imperative that you address these issues in order to maintain integrity to your facility. Address the identified threats to your organization utilizing strategic management planning, strategic thinking and managing strategic momentum. Be certain to prioritize threats and include time frames (long range and short range). Utilize the concepts and apply principals of strategic management, from your readings, when developing your plan. Please do not simply restate facts. (Minimum of 750 words)in APA 6th edition format. All sources must be appropriately cited.

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APPLICATION of Strategic Plan You have identified the economic , social , technologic , political… 1 answer below »
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External and internal threats being faced by Pearson Community Hospital
Karolin LoperaKeiser UniversityHSM 69206/15/2016
Healthcare facilities exist to service humanity. Thus the moral values are embedded in the mission of healthcare organizations. The community hospitals exist to provide healthcare services to community at reasonable costs. These hospitals run on moral values and ethics. But in day to day operations healthcare professional face ethical dilemmas as these organizations face highly challenging work environment (Morrison, 2016). This paper analyses the internal and external threats being face by Pearson Community Hospital. This paper provides the challenges being faced by all healthcare organizations in America. In order to assess the threats being faced by Pearson Community Hospital, this paper also provides the SWOT analysis of the hospital.
Challenges being faced by American Healthcare industry
The American healthcare system is facing lots of wastage and sub-par performance. There are number of forces which exerting pressures on hospitals and health systems due to which the whole healthcare industry is undergoing drastic change (Blendon & Desroches, 2013). The challenges being faced by healthcare industry is being described as below:-
Shortage of Physicians & Nurses. The numbers of patients are rising continuously but the number of caretakers is falling short. The healthcare industry is facing severe shortage of nurses and physicians. Furthermore the future of there supply is also uncertain. This shortage has resulted in over worked and overstrained workforce and long wait times.
Regulatory Requirements. Healthcare industry is the most regulated industry of the economy. This sector faces numerous and complex regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to improve the quality of healthcare and to ensure the delivery of healthcare facilities to all. But over the time these regulations have become cumbersome and have added…



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