Description Use the Library and other internet resources to research for information about the history of Cryptography. Write a 2–4 pages research paper answering these questions. List and describe a few major applications of cryptography in the modern world? hat are the major threats to any data or information for which it needs cryptography? Explain […]

Description 1. Write a 700-800 word Op-Ed taking a side on this issue. Please make sure it is double spaced, includes your name on the top-left corner, is properly cited using APA format (ideally you should have 3-5 references; they can include news articles, research papers, books, etc.), and draws from sound economic arguments. Completing […]

Description Our website’s award-winning ace reporter, Scoop Tomlinson, is back. The editor sent Scoop out to work on a breaking story, and you are the only person left in the newsroom with the skill and talent needed to complete his story about a speech made this morning to the Troy Rotary Club. You will be […]

Description This week examines how to use correlation and simple linear regression to test the relationship of two variables. In both of these tests you can use the data points in a scatterplot to draw a line of best fit; the closer to the line the points are the stronger the association between variables. It […]

Description POST Define the following terms: hieratic scale, composite view, static, frontality, stylized.  In addition to the definition include one specific example of an artwork that illustrates the term.  Please select the examples from artworks that we have discussed in this unit.  In addition to the definition, include an image of the artwork, the title, […]

Description Reference the Excel file containing financial information from footnote disclosures and substantive analytical procedures using data analytics from your instructor. PharmaCorp will be used as the main analytical procedure tasks you will want to focus on for this assignment. The other companies, Novartell and AstraZoro, will be used as industry comparisons. The opportunity exists […]

Description Write 8 to 10-page paper that discuss the challenges facing Clinical Research in developing countries. Include highlights of some of the challenges conducting clinical trials in developing countries. What are the ethical challenges and their effects on Clinical Research? Describe how and what regulatory responses have been made to maintain the integrity of the […]

Description This week’s environmental controversy is centered on waste and human health. It addresses the question, should consumers have to pay for plastic or paper bags at grocery and other stores? Using the references below, write a 1-2 paragraph response to the questions posed to you. Remember to cite your sources using APA. Background Information […]

Description You will prepare a 12-pages Research Paper (not including title page, abstract, or references) on the topic of “Strengthening Our Nation’s Spiritual Infrastructure.” You must focus on one of the sub elements of Spiritual Infrastructure (identified in Resilient Nations, Chapter 1), addressing historical background, current status, relevant biblical precepts, and policy and personal action […]