Company A is a small electrical manufacturing business in the Midwestern United States. The major…

Company A is a small
electrical manufacturing business in the Midwestern United States.
The major products of Company A are industrial switchgears and
switchboards. Company A has a wide variety of customers located all
over the world, ranging from general contractors, to industrial
facilities, to large commercial power grids. Although the manager
had knowledge about how lean manufacturing could help the company,
the workers at Company A had yet to complete a lean manufacturing
project, and expressed their desire to transform the facility using
Lean/Sigma strategy in order to increase the efficiency of their
plant. Although Lean/Sigma has potential applications
enterprise-wide in Company A, the switchboard unit was chosen as
the starting point of this lean transformation project, since it is
the major manufacturing section of the facility and involves the
highest amount of personnel and equipment. The first step in
creating a value-stream map is to collect data that represents the
current status in the facility. The Lean/Sigma team visited Company
A’s production facility and performed two walkthroughs with the
manufacturing manager, tracing the paths that the material and
information flow through the production facility of Company A.
Based on the collected information, the current value-stream map of
Company A’s facility is generated.
9. Discuss your results and comment on the system
ability to handle the demand.
10. The current value-stream map of Company A
allowed the team to visualize the current operation situation in
the facility. There were many sources of waste in the current
system that added no value to Company A’s production. Since the
purpose of lean manufacturing is to reduce or eliminate waste, the
Lean Sigma team defined a future value-stream map (Figure 2). Based
on the provided future value stream map, explain what lean six
sigma tools are used here based on your knowledge and
understanding. Provide one or two ideas using other lean six sigma
tools to improve the process.

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