Herbal Medicine (Niyug-Niyogan)

Niyug- Niyogan (Quisqualis Indica L.)
  • A vine known as “Chinese honey suckle” which bears tiny fruits and grows wild in backyards. It is effective for the elimination of intestinal worms. The seeds must come from mature. Dried but newly opened fruits. Propagated through stem cuttings about 20cm in height.
Parts utilized:
  • seeds
  • An anti- helmintic used to expel round worms ascariasis. The seeds are taken 2 hours after supper. If no worms are expelled, the dose may be repeated after one week. This is not to be given to children below four years old.
  • Special precautions: Follow recommended dosage. Overdose causes hiccups.

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Herbal Medicine (Niyug-Niyogan)
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