hi, please refer to the attachments. One is the criteria for the assignment and the other is an… 1 answer below »

hi, please refer to the attachments. One is the criteria for the assignment and the other is an example sent to my by my teacher as to how she wants it answered and laid out.List 5 articles and for each article make a summary for each article that includes for example, the design of the trial, the number of the participants, the length of the trial, what the study results were, how many groups were inclued in the study and what was the intervention for each group? you only have 70-100 words to summarise each article (350 – 500 words in total for the report), so just include what you can and what you think is relevant. Also, try not to use reviews or meta-analisys but rather single trials.PLEASE use the topic2. “the use of zinc in the treatment of the common cold”

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hi, please refer to the attachments. One is the criteria for the assignment and the other is an… 1 answer below »
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Review subject: The Clinical Use of Fish Oil Supplements and High Fish Diets in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Conditions.
Reasoning: The literature review compares five research papers to answer the question which source of omega 3 fish oil is most beneficial in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular conditions: fish oil supplements or oily fish. Limited trials are available that specifically researched this comparison which leads to a review of research done in the past 11 years.
Research sources in chronological orderVisioli et al. (2003, pp. 415-416) trialled normolipidemic volunteers (10 men, 6 women) within the ages of 26 to 38 years old in a non-randomized controlled study. Over a period of six weeks one group was given smoked salmon and one group received fish oil supplements. Research was conducted by the University of Milan.
Elvevoll et al. (2006, p. 1109) divided 71 volunteers in 5 groups for a non-randomized controlled study. Three groups (total 42) where given either smoked salmon, cooked salmon, or cooked cod. A fourth group was given liver cod oil and the fifth group was a control group that did not receive any supplements. This was trialled over a period of 8 weeks.
Harris et al. (2007, pp. 1621-1622) researched the bioavailability of oily fish taken weekly against fish oils capsules taken daily. It was a randomized controlled study over a period of 16 weeks using 23 healthy premenopausal female volunteers.
Brazionis et al. (2012, pp. 5-6) conducted a 12-week randomized crossover intervention of fish oil supplements versus fresh salmon, trialed on 11 (men and women) patients with coronary heart disease between 30-70 years old.
Djuvicic et al. (2014, p. 210) researched how the recommended intake of oily fish or fish supplements would offer cardio protective effects. A randomized crossover trial of 8 weeks with a wash of period of 6 months was conducted amongst 33 male and female volunteers aged 44 to 64 years. All…



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