Research paper Assessment: Research report Weight: 30% Length: 2000 words To : Prepare a research…

Research paper Assessment: Research report Weight: 30% Length: 2000 words To :Prepare a research paper in accordance with the listed/suggested health informatics topics.Description:: This assessment provides us with the opportunity to actually conduct a small-scale literature review, leading to a conclusion about the current state of knowledge on the topic area and possibly further questions that my need to be addressed. Task: SelectONEof these topics (this list will continuously expand) for your research report: · Wearable technologies in health care · Factors impacting implementation of technology in acute care/ or any other areas · Technologies likely to drive a transformational change in healthcare delivery · Technologies used in Aged care facilities OR , if another area/topic/theme within the Health informatics area that interests you – discuss it and agree researching that topic with the Course Convenor before you commence.Submission: · You must submit your literature review using SafeAssign. (NOTE: assignment submitted via email or any other method other than SafeAssign will not be accepted) There are two submission points for this · Use the Draft submission point to submit your draft. You will receive a text matching report. Consider this report very carefully, review your draft, then submit your final research report using the FINAL submission point.

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Research paper Assessment: Research report Weight: 30% Length: 2000 words To : Prepare a research…
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7314MED: Assessment Item Literature Review: Criteria Marking Sheet
Student Name:

Description HD D C P PC F
Evidence of insightful and Evidence of a good Evidence of a sound Evidence of a Limited understanding or Has not demonstrated
Critical Evaluation and
critical understanding of understanding of the understanding of the satisfactory consideration of the issues. understanding or
Relevance of Discussion
issues. Critical evaluation is issues. Offers perceptive issues. Offers opinion understanding of the Describes rather than consideration of the
informed by the literature. opinion informed by the informed by the literature. issues. Offers opinion evaluates. issues. Has not
Knowledge and critique based
Demonstrates well literature. on some of the issues. demonstrated an
Demonstrates an Provided some reference
on relevant important ideas,
developed understanding of understanding of the topic.
Demonstrates good understanding of the Demonstrates an to the topic and had some
theoretical concepts and valid the topic and coherent
understanding of the topic topic and consistently understanding of the ideas about it.
development of ideas
research findings.
and development of major develops the major ideas. topic. In parts, the
Discussion lacks clarity
discussed to appropriate
ideas that are discussed to The discussion has depth discussion needs to be
and depth.
Original, cohesive and quality
an adequate depth. in parts. in more depth.
analysis and discussion.

The paper is well organised The paper is appropriately The paper shows The paper has a The paper is poorly The paper is disorganised
Organisation, Structure and
with a logical, clear and organised with a logical evidence of acceptable satisfactory structure organised and lacks clear with no clear structure.
Written Presentation (20%)
evident structure. structure. organisation and logical with mostly logical structure. Multiple errors hindering



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