What is your view of the “people are not cars” debate?… 1 answer below »

Review the reading “Virginia Mason Medical Center (Abridged)” and consider the facts of the Case Study we’ve been using this semester. What is your view of the “people are not cars” debate? Is Kaplan’s approach transferrable to St. Sebastian? Can other US healthcare organizations benefit from this approach? If so, explain why. If not, explain why not? Based on what you’ve learned about long-range financial planning, what would you advise St. Sebastian to do over the next 5 years, and how would you prioritize those recommendations? ::Minimum 2 page paper:: -times in roman font- *double spaced*Attached are the files needed to complete this assignment.*Thank you*

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What is your view of the “people are not cars” debate?… 1 answer below »
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Case Study – Background Reading – Strategic Management – Banks
The CEO of St. Sebastian Health System, a moderate-sized hospital system in a mid-sized, Midwest city
has hired you to help turn things around. The CFO is projecting a $3.7 million operating loss this year,
which will be more than offset by non-operating income. However, the board has made it clear that the
situation must improve. If the system cannot produce a positive operating margin in 2017, someone else
is going to be the CEO. The CEO and CFO have asked you to recommend strategic approaches to selling
their services in the community that will help turn the financial ship around.
Your Health System
St. Sebastian is a community-based health system. The senior management team has an average tenure
of 17 years. The exception is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). She has been in her position for two years
and is the fourth CMO in that role in the past ten years. The CEO and COO have each been in their
current roles for ten years. The system is comprised of the following:
1. Two large, acute care hospitals
2. Two long term care facilities
3. Two skilled nursing facilities
4. One long-term acute-care hospital (LTAC)
5. Four geographically distributed outpatient centers
6. Four Urgent Care Centers
7. Two free-standing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)
8. A 400 member employed physician group that includes 180 Primary Care Providers (PCPs). All 28
PCP practices are certified Level III Patient Centered Medical Homes by NCQA.
The remainder of the 1,000 member medical staff is generally comprised of large, independent groups
who have varying degrees of ‘loyalty’ to the system. The Radiology and Emergency groups, for example
do 100% of their work at St. Sebastian and have no ownership of any outside facilities. The
Gastroenterology group, on the other hand, does work at the hospital, but also owns their own,
freestanding endoscopy center. The orthopedic group does 75% of their work at…



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